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A website that brings together everything you need: security, swap, masternode, mining and many more

Road map

  • ScrytExchange version 1

    Creation of the first version of the fully centralized exchange.

    Carry out the first exchange tests.

    Creation of Scryt forked minerium wallets.

  • Scryt coin deployment

    Mainnet of Scryt coin with its wallets.

    Listing on ScrytExchange with DASH pair.

  • ScrytExchange version 2

    Closing ScrytExchange v1 and beginning of decentralization with its new version.

  • Swap to Solana's blockchain

    The swap had a ratio of 1:1, which means that 1 SCY on the old chain has been converted to 1 SCY on Solana.

    This blockchain allows instant and inexpensive transactions.

  • ScrytExchange version 3

    We have created a new interface with adaptability to all devices, unlike old versions.

    This version includes the connection to the wallet and soon other features will be accessible thanks to this wallet.

    Mining farm.

    Masternode hosting.

  • News features

    Start swap building.

    New listing for masternode hosting.

    Adding new coins to the swap with liquidity pool.

  • News features

    Adding new coins and start to build a bridge between solana and other blockchain (bitcoin, dash and his fork).


    Shared masternode.

    Farming liquidity pool and masternode.


Name Coin Amount Pending balance Deposit
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Algo Hashrate Daily Hashrate Status Pending SCY
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Name Coin MN address Status Time left (Pay euro amount for your masternode) Info
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Name Coin Lock period
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Mining farm

Mine on a pool below and earn SCY

Pool url :

( Supported ports : 8888, 3333, 1800, 443 )

worker name :


(the password can be set randomly)

Masternode farm


Liquidity farm


Total hosted mastenode


Masternode list Add your coin

Name Coin ROI (year) Price per month Already running
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Deploy new masternode

Masternode name
Transaction ID
Transaction index


- Make sure that you have at least ${price} euro in your account.

- For these instructions we will take MN1 as the masternode name, but replace MN1 by the name of your masternode. Please take a name without space.

- Update your local wallet to latest version, otherwise your masternode will not be able to start.

- Open your wallet debug console and type ${getnewaddresscmd}. A new wallet address will be created to receive MN Collateral.

- Send exactly ${collateral} ${symbol} coins to that address. If you send from exchange, please send ${(collateral.toString()).substring(0, (collateral.toString()).length - 1)}1 ${symbol} for covering the transaction fee.

- Wait until this transaction has at least 15 confirmations by hovering the mouse over your transaction.

- Open the wallet debug console again and type the command ${mnoutputcmd} and press Enter. You will get output similar to this :



"txhash": "a1ebaa2039916b3786c2c6a92c08b72af62a8af40c4d4ebc329d9e971c91b041",

"outputidx": 0



- Save the txhash and outputidx somewhere, we will need it later.

- Enter your txhash and your outputidx above in the Deploy new masternode section and click on Deploy ${symbol} masternode.

- A few seconds after you click on Deploy ${symbol} masternode, a new section appears Your configuration. In this there is line that you must copy and paste in your masternode.conf.

- Go to your dashboard (you can click here) and look at your masternode section, as below, you will get something like this :


Name Coin MN address Status Time left (Pay euro amount for your masternode) Info
MN1 ${symbol}
Waiting for installation
INSTALLATION 29 days 23 hours 45 minutes

- Wait for the status to change to INSTALLED, it can take a maximum of 15 min, but usually it takes 2 min.

- Once the status has changed, and only when the status has changed, you can go to the last step and start your masternode.

- Open the wallet debug console again and type the command ${mnstartcmd} and press Enter.

- You will get a prompt as Are you sure you want to start masternode MN1 ?, click on yes and you can see a message say Successfully started masternode.

- You can check status by typing this command ${mncheckcmd}.